iPage Control Panel

iPage Control Panel

iPage is one of the best web hosting providers around, which is why the iPage control panel is a great tool to get started building and managing your own website. The iPage control panel is a helpful tool that makes website construction and management easy to do. You don’t have to have any programming experience, or even experience building a website to use the super easy iPage control panel.  iPage is known for having some of the cheapest web hosting around as well as for having some of the best web hosting tools. Included in these web hosting tools is the most important: the iPage control panel. Not only can you build a quality website with iPage, but iPage also makes it easy to manage your own website easily and effectively using the best in web hosting technology with its control panel.  With prices starting at just $3.50 per month, new iPage customers can save a bundle on their web hosting costs using our iPage coupon code pricing.

iPage Control Panel Features:

When you start with the iPage control panel to create and manage your website, you can also get access to the marketplace option so you can add in new features if you wish. However, because iPage offers so many of its web hosting features for free with the initial signup, you likely won’t have to use too much of the marketplace options, unless you need to upgrade or expand. Fortunately iPage makes its control panel super easy to use and navigate unlike many other web hosting companies. You can start with the WordPress Content Management System to help you build and create your website. Use the easy one-click installer to get started. Fortunately iPage does offer tons of support tools and customer service, if you ever need help learning how to get started with your iPage web hosting account. You can use the iPage control panel to control your domains. This is especially helpful if you have multiple websites and multiple domains. You can switch back and forth between your sites using the iPage control panel.

In addition to the other features, the iPage install central tool and SImpleScripts allows you to manage and create your websites. These tools are accessed via the iPage control panel. It is so helpful to have access to every tool you will need and use to build and manage your own website using the iPage control panel. There are other marketing tools included in the iPage web hosting account that can be used as well to help promote your website and online business if necessary. Via the iPage control panel you can also manage your email features including the MailCentral option, webmail accounts, the mail tool settings, spam features with the spam filter, POP mail accounts and so much more.

iPage $1.99 a month!!!

Fortunately iPage is one of the most reliable web hosting providers both in terms of uptime for your website as well as with its customer support. If you plan to build your own website using the iPage design tools, you are in luck because iPage has some of the best website design tools using the Drag and Drop Builder. You don’t have to be a professional website builder or programmer to build the website you’ve always wanted. You can simply access the iPage easy website builder via the iPage control panel and get started in no time. If you ever need any help learning how to use these tools, you can always give the quality iPage customer support team a call.

In addition to the iPage control panel features, customers all get to reap the benefits of iPage being an entirely green-powered web hosting company. Those savings, both economic and environmental, are passed on to each of the iPage web hosting customers. To learn more about iPage and all that this web hosting company has to offer, be sure and check out iPage online!

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iPage Coupon

iPage offers great deals on shared web hosting on a regular basis, but occasionally they offer an iPage coupon code pricing structure that allows you to save even more.  One of the great things about the iPage coupon price is that it doesn’t require you to memorize or remember any specific coupon code when you check out.  The only way to take advantage of the iPage coupon price is to be directed to their website from an outside source (like the one you have found here) which provides you a link that will take you to a special discounted pricing page that automatically discounts the iPage package price at checkout.  If you are already familiar with the web hosting products and services offered by iPage and are ready to save on their web hosting package click the link below.  If you want to know more about iPage and what they have to offer prior to committing to hosting your website with them then continue reading for an iPage review.

Click Here to be directed to the iPage Coupon discount page!

$3.50 a month!!! 

iPage is no stranger to the web hosting industry, having been founded in 1998, they have tons of experience in what it takes to run a successful web hosting company.  iPage makes it clear through their business practices, that they understand the needs of web hosting customers varies from one to another, and that their customers are the number one priority.  iPage does an excellent job at providing one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, reliable, affordable, secure, and quality web hosting plans in the industry.  As a leader in the web hosting industry iPage serves over 1 million websites, in over 150 countries, with 6 worldwide locations, and over 800 employees working non-stop to constantly improve their product and serve their customers.

The iPage Essential web hosting plan includes everything you will need to create, design, market, and manage your own customized personal or business website.  The plan includes a number of unlimited features including disk space, bandwidth/transfer, domains, MySQL databases, email addresses, and more.  As with any web host, “unlimited” is within reason, but unlike other web hosts (who put it in very fine print on a page most people would never visit) iPage is very good at displaying and explaining what is within normal reason of “unlimited”.  Here is some of the other key web hosting features offers within their iPage Essential plan:

  • Drag and Drop Site Builder (6 Free Pages)
  • Template-Based Site Builder
  • Personalized Domain name (1 year)
  • Blog Setup Wizard
  • Photo Gallery Setup Wizard
  • Free Online Store
  • Choice of Shopping Cart
  • PayPal Integration
  • Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing Credits for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook
  • Webmail, Email Forwarding, and Autoresponders

There are a number of other more technical features included in the plan that iPage refers to as “Features for Geeks” that can be found on their website if you are interested.

When purchasing the iPage web hosting package you will be given 3 billing options – 12 month, 24 month, and 36 month.  Naturally, the longer you are willing to commit to and pay upfront the more you will save.  In order to take advantage of the best iPage coupon pricing you will want to commit to a 3 year billing plan, for more than one reason.  First, and most obviously, you will save the most amount of money upfront.  Second, you will get the special discount price for the entire 3 year commitment, upon any renewal you will no longer get this price and be charged the regular iPage rate.  And last, but not least, there is no risk in purchasing a 3 year contract because iPage offers an ANYTIME money-back guarantee.  While many web hosting companies offer cheap web hosting plans, a great deal of them make their money by trying to up-sell you at check-out.  With iPage you will be given the option to purchase a few “website essentials” but these items are not critical to the look or operation of your website, they are merely optional tools to help customers get started.

Whether you purchase your iPage plan at the regular rate, or use one of the links found within this site and get the iPage Coupon pricing, you will receive the exact same features offered in the plan.  Every plan is also backed by an extensive online help center that includes an open ticket system, knowledgebase articles, tutorials, user guides, and a 24/7 North American based live chat or toll-free telephone service.

We feel there are a several different things that set iPage apart from many of the other web hosting providers. One, they offer a free exclusive security suite to protect your account. Two, their support team is made up of highly trained and experienced people with the ability to communicate with customers of all levels of hosting experience.  Three, they have integrated Google Tools into the hosting control panel for customer convenience.  Four, they host websites on several redundant servers instead of a single server with a single backup server.  And last, but not least, when choosing iPage every customer can feel a little better inside about giving back to our environment by supporting one of the web hosting providers that do their part in providing eco-friendly “Green Web Hosting” services.

Now that you know more about iPage and the products and services they offer you should be ready to click this link where you will be directed to the special

iPage Coupon Pricing Page $3.50

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iPage vs FatCow

In this iPage vs. FatCow article we will offer you a comparison of these two top web hosting providers, as well as an iPage review and a FatCow review.  Learn what each of these web hosts has to offer and if one of them has what you are looking for in a shared web hosting plan.

iPage Review- $3.50 with this coupon link!!!

iPage is a web hosting veteran, having started hosting websites in 1998.  As a leader in the web hosting industry they service over 1 million websites in 150 countries.  iPage has 6 worldwide location with over 800 employees and over 25 brands worldwide.  iPage specializes only in one shared web hosting plan, and does not offer other hosting options such as VPS or dedicated servers.  iPage has seen many changes throughout the years in the web hosting industry and they have been able to keep up with the changes by constantly upgrading their features and equipment as new or better versions become available.  They still continue to grow by providing their customers what they want and keeping up with technology, after all word-of-mouth referrals of happy customers are always the best way to grow your business.

FatCow Review- $3.67 with this coupon link!!!

Like iPage, FatCow also started hosting websites in 1998.  Fatcow has also chosen to offer only one shared hosting plan.  FatCow has done an excellent job in branding themselves and setting themselves apart from the competition.  The FatCow website is clever, witty, and explains everything in a very unique FatCow way with “a bullpen full of site templates”, “a hoof-click away from a blog”, and much more.  As FatCow was designing their site and doing their research they found the competition typically had very technical sites that would be difficult for people new to web hosting to understand, therefore their website was created in such a way to help the beginner understand.  FatCow has also recently added a page for “Beginners” that helps explain what web hosting is and how to create a website.

iPage versus FatCow

Compare iPage and Fatcow:

Many web hosting companies come and go; But both iPage and FatCow have been around for exactly the same amount time (about 15 years), helping customers feel more confident that their website will be securely hosted with the same company for more years to come.

When it comes to comparing the iPage and FatCow hosting packages the features are almost virtually the same.  Both hosting plans include several unlimited/oodles of features including disk space, bandwidth/transfer, allowed domains, MySQL databases, and emails.  They both also explain clearly that “unlimited” and “oodles” means within reason, if you have a personal or business website of average size with an average amount of visitors there will be plenty of space, bandwidth, etc…But if your website becomes a huge site with tons of traffic to the point it affects all of the sites on the server they will ask you to fix it.

Many other web hosts try to dabble in a little bit of every type of hosting, not concentrating and/or specializing in any particular type of hosting.  FatCow and iPage offer one type of hosting, shared web hosting.   Both of these hosts have also chosen to include everything customers could possibly need in one web hosting package , diverse enough to suit the needs of nearly every customer.

FatCow and iPage offer discounted pricing for a 12, 24, or 36 month pre-paid commitment.  It is wise to choose the 36 month plan on either because you will save the most money upfront, and because web hosting plans renew at regular rates you will have the discounted rate for a longer period of time.

Both of these web hosts do an excellent job in letting you know the exact costs upfront, clearly indicate the regular rates to be expected upon renewal, and do not try to up-sell necessary items at checkout.  They do both offer a few useful tools at checkout but only as an option to help you out and help you save money, not as a pressured sale.

Contrast Between iPage vs. FatCow:

When prepaying an iPage hosting plan customers get a larger discount at 12, 24, and 36 months.  Whereas a FatCow prepaid plan is discounted at 12 months and the 24 and 36 month plans are priced the same.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios.

While both web hosting companies provide a money back guarantee; FatCow is only a 30-day money back guarantee and iPage has a cancel anytime money back guarantee.  Granted, most customers know within about 30 days whether a web hosting package is going to work for them or not. It is very nice to know though that with iPage if anything happens and you have to shut down or transfer your website you will be able to do so and get some of your money back.

When it comes to security FatCow does their fair share in providing customers with daily server backups, a backup generator, and a facility that is monitored 24×7.  However, if you would like extra security with SiteLock there will be a small annual fee.  With iPage a free security suite with SiteLock is included, but may be upgraded for a fee.

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iPage Hosting Features

iPage is one of the top web hosting providers for shared web hosting, partly because of the very robust feature set. The iPage web hosting plan is designed to meet the needs of personal or small business websites. In this iPage Hosting Features article we will take a look at the basic specs and features included with every iPage hosting account.

Core Features and Technology

The core web hosting features of any shared web hosting plan include disk space, bandwidth, how many domains are allowed on each account, and how many MySQL database are supported. iPage hosting features include unlimited resources in each of these areas. Many shared web hosts that offer multiple web hosting plans will have a starter or personal plan that is very limited in the amount of disk space and bandwidth and will often only allow one domain per account. That isn’t the case at iPage. With iPage web hosting they only offer one shared web hosting plan, but it is a very robust plan.

Another major factor in finding the best web hosting is the technology behind the service. If a company is offering the moon and the stars but they don’t tell you about their datacenter, servers, and security measures, be leery. iPage hosting uses only World-Class technology including 24×7 network monitoring, load balanced servers, multiple gigabit and fiberoptic connections, and two datacenter locations. They also provide a Security Suite valued at $100 that includes a daily malware and spam scan, business verification, and much more.  Other iPage features include access and error logs and website statistics for traffic and visitors.


These core features are what ensure that a website is functioning properly, loading quickly, and always available. Many webmasters start with building one basic site and don’t think they will need a lot of diskspace and bandwidth, but once that site is completed and successful, most webmasters decide to create many additional sites and/or find that the site is using a lot more bandwidth than when it was first started. With a hosting plan like the iPage hosting service, webmasters have a lot of flexibility.

Hosting Features for Building and Designing a Website

For those that are building their very first website, this is the scary part. Trying to figure out how to actually build and design the website so that it looks professional and has all the features one is hoping for. The iPage hosting features makes it relatively easy. The drag and drop site builder makes it easy to choose a temple, drop in pictures, text, logos, etc. to create a customized website that any webmaster would be proud of. Other iPage hosting features that will facilitate a webmaster in building his/her website include secure FTP, audio and video support, flash support, and powerful plugin options for blogs, photo galleries, forums, content management systems and more. Webmasters at different skill levels will want and need different features but iPage features are very inclusive and offer a lot of options.

iPage Support

When it comes to web hosting support there are a number of things to take into consideration including availability, guarantees, tutorials, etc. When it comes to iPage hosting features, their support is at the top of the list. iPage offers a ton of great support that is available all the time. Webmasters that want do-it-yourself type help can use the online help center that is packed with dozens of articles on every web hosting topic one can image, as well as video tutorials that will walk webmasters step-by-step through most of the basic tasks involved in web hosting. For the webmasters that don’t want to take the time to watch a tutorial or search a database of articles, iPage support is also available via phone, chat, or email. Another thing that isn’t technically support but that is essential for a successful website is marketing. iPage features include a Marketing Suite that will help a webmaster make sure his/her website is setup with Google Webmaster Tools, site analytic software, and it even includes hundreds of dollars worth of advertising through Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing credits, and even Facebook credits.

One last word about the iPage hosting features is their Anytime Money-Back Guarantee. This means that a webmaster can cancel a web hosting account at anytime and iPage will refund any unused months on the account. In addition, for any plan that is cancelled within the first 30 days of service, iPage will refund the entire web hosting fee.

Features alone can’t determine the best web hosting service for an individual but with a company like iPage, webmasters have the assurance that this is a company with more than 10 years of experience, more than 800 employees, and serves more than million websites. A company that doesn’t know what they are doing won’t have a track record like this. Check out iPage and give them a try, with the anytime money-back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose.

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