iPage Offers Free JustCloud Storage

iPage web hosting is one of the cheapest web hosting plans around and they are not skimpy on the features they include. Every iPage plan comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, allowed domains, email addresses, and much more. iPage web hosting includes a lot of free extras as well: domain registration, a security suite, site-building tools, online store software, and marketing credits, to name a few.  In this iPage review we want to take a look at one specific feature now offered with iPage web hosting: free JustCloud storage.

JustCloud utilizes a small desktop application that allows users to backup data from multiple computers and devices to the cloud. Once the files are stored in the cloud they can be accessed from any device worldwide that has internet access. You may be wondering, what is the “cloud”? Cloud storage is a storage system that takes pools of data and stores it on multiple servers instead of just one physical machine. Sharing the data across multiple servers simultaneously provides numerous benefits. Some possible benefits include increased load speeds, excellent backup options, immediate access to files worldwide, and protection against natural disasters.

Because the files are shared across multiple servers the workload of one server is not bogged down by an increased demand for one particular set of data. As the load of one server gets heavy, another server automatically helps carry the load which keeps the data loading quickly. Moreover, using cloud storage makes it simple to backup or copy data quickly and easily.  Simple desktop applications, like JustCloud, will allow users to access, share, copy, and download their data from any location worldwide that has internet access. Anytime data is stored on only one physical machine there is going to be a high risk of losing everything, whether by natural disaster that destroys equipment, natural failure of the physical machine, corruption through some external means, or any number of other potential threats.

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Now that iPage offers free JustCloud storage it is easier than ever to safely and securely store your files in the cloud. Every iPage hosting account comes with a free JustCloud storage account with 1 GB of space. iPage lists the following included features:

  • Free Mobile App
  • 100% Automated Service
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Share Files Anywhere
  • 24/7 Technical Support

These are the features that are specific to the JustCloud storage account. The free mobile app allows you to access all your files from any mobile device. The mobile app also lets you browse stored files and backup new ones. Additionally, the 100% automated service allows the backup to take place automatically. You set the frequency of the backup and specify which files you want backed up and the process happens automatically. Furthermore, synching multiple devices will add even more flexibility. You determine which data you want to synch and which devices it will be synched to. This is great if you need to allow multiple people the ability to access and make changes to a specific set of documents or if you start a project on your PC at work and want to continue working on it from your laptop at home. With everything synched in the cloud you can make presentations anywhere in the world and your data will be immediately available on the local equipment; no need to worry about carrying the data from one location to the next and making sure the hardware and software is compatible with your portable storage device. If you need to update your website while you are on the road, no problem your website files are available in the cloud; just log in and update!

As you can see, there are many advantages to cloud storage and iPage is excited to have partnered with JustCloud to offer their customers this complimentary JustCloud account. Take advantage of our iPage coupon code and get started with the special iPage promo price and pay less than $2 per month for the initial term of your web hosting plan. This special iPage discount price comes with all of the standard hosting features including JustCloud storage. Check it out and get started today!

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iPage WordPress Hosting

WordPress has quickly become one of the most simple, efficient, and powerful website platforms in the industry, couple that with the reliability, support, and professional service offered by iPage web hosting and you have one of the best web hosting environments possible. WordPress can be used with any number of web hosting clients, as long as the service meets basic minimum requirements: PHP version 5.2.4 or great and MySQL version 5.0 or greater. iPage, of course, meets these basic requirements and provides many additional tools to ensure the best web hosting experience possible.

iPage WordPress Hosting Plans

iPage has two WordPress hosting plan options: WP Starter and WP Essential. We will compare the features of these two plans to give you an idea of what is available. First, WP Starter comes with the core hosting plan features provided in every iPage hosting plan and then adds a customized control panel and pre-installed themes and plugins. These customizations will have your account set up with the most popular WordPress tools and features ready to go as soon as you create your account. The WP Starter plan also includes free domain registration and the initial term is just $3.75 per month (renews at the regular rate after the initial term).

The WP Essential plan comes with everything that the WP Starter plan does with the added benefits of SSD-based super speed infrastructure, a deluxe security bundle, and personalized expert WordPress support. The WP Essential plan is just $6.95 per month for the initial term; this is quite a bit more than the WP Starter plan so let’s take a look at what is included with the extra features that make the plan worth so much more. Super speed is achieved by restricting the number of customers per server and using the latest adaptive technology that will adjust automatically based on traffic spikes and activity on the server. In addition, the WP Essential plan includes a content delivery network and a super-fast caching layer to further increase the load speed of your site.

iPage WordPress hosting enhanced security includes daily scanning of your website to check for vulnerabilities. If a potential threat is found, it will be automatically removed, providing security to you and your website visitors. A firewall is also in place to further protect your site from unwanted content and breaches. Last but not least, iPage provides personalized WordPress support by experts who are trained in everything related to the WP Essential plan. Customers on the WP Essential plan will be given a separate support phone number that will connect them directly with the WP Essential’s support team. These additional benefits are valued at over $400, making it well worth the slightly higher monthly cost.
WordPress Features

WordPress offers many, many easy-to-use features that make hosting a website easy and more straight forward. In our iPage WordPress hosting review we will take a look at a few of the most popular features:

• Scheduled posts – this features allows the webmaster to write posts ahead of time and schedule them to be published at a specified date or time.
• Text editor- allows the webmaster or content manager to take text that has been written in another medium and customize it through the editor. The editor makes it easy to add images, links, and the formatting and font customizations that you want.
• Images – WordPress makes it easy to add images to your site without installing an image gallery application.
• Social media tools – link your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to keep your customers and website visitors up-to-date with your latest products, events, news, and other relevant information.

iPage offers a number of training videos and knowledgebase articles that will help a new webmaster get started on a website. iPage also has phone support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If customers can’t find the information they need or would rather talk to someone than go through the tutorials on their own, they can always call the support line and have a live representative answer their questions and provide whatever help they need.

Webmasters that are looking for a simple shared hosting solution that utilizes the WordPress platform will certainly want to check out iPage WordPress Hosting starting at just $3.75 per month with our special iPage coupon promo offer. Check it out and get started on your website today!

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iPage Reviews

A lot of people look for iPage reviews before they sign up for iPage and we don’t blame them. However we must caution you that not all iPage reviews are legit. There are a lot of companies out there that create fake iPage reviews for various reasons. Reasons that consist of them being loyal to another web hosting provider or them being loyal to iPage and getting paid to post an iPage review. At iPagePrice we take pride in ourselves that we offer our readers unbiased iPage reviews. We only care that our readers get what they are looking for and if that means they choose one of the other top web hosting providers. In this iPage coupon article, we are going to discuss some of the most topics that we have seen in iPage reviews posted on other sites and let you know if they are true or not!

1) iPage doesn’t offer free customer support- This is perhaps one of the most false iPage review topics we have seen. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we can honestly say that the iPage customer support is not only free but one of the best we have ever dealt with. When you sign up with iPage you not only get free customer support but you can access it in many different formats. iPage offers you the ability to get help via toll free phone support, live chat support, email support, and they provide a collection of how to do articles. Bottom line is that when you contact the iPage support you are not only going to get the answer you need but you aren’t going to have to pay!

2) You can use an iPage coupon to pay under $2.00 a month- The short answer…YES! There are a few iPage affiliates that they allow to offer shared web hosting for under $2.00. iPage just doesn’t give this iPage coupon to anybody. Here at iPagePrice we are proud to have an exclusive iPage coupon that allows our readers to get iPage for as low as $1.89 a month! This is a great deal and one deal that doesn’t skimp on features. You get all the same features that the next website offer iPage for $3.95 a month offers. All you get is money back in your pocket!

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3) iPage is too corporate- Technically speaking iPage is part of a large corporation but they are their own entity. Just because the main corporation has other top web hosting providers such as BlueHost, doesn’t affect iPage in any negative manner. Honestly all it does it provide you with greater resources and allows iPage to keep their price lower than other hosts. As we said in the beginning of this iPage review, there are a lot of people that knock iPage because they have hidden agendas. This being one of them…they are one of the smaller companies going against iPage.

4) iPage doesn’t offer webmail- Really…in this day and age why would people post iPage reviews that say there is no such thing as iPage webmail. Not only is this not true, but you have several options for accessing the iPage webmail. Speaking of webmail and email, the iPage email features are some of the best in the industry. iPage offers you the ability to have email forwarding, spam filters, email virus protection, and your own personal email address at your domain. If you are looking for some premium email hosting features, iPage has you covered as well. They offer not only OX mail plans but also MS Exchange 2010 plans. With both of them you get some of the best email hosting features you will find.

5) iPage servers are slow- Again completely false. iPage not only have some of the largest servers but they also have some of the most cutting edge servers. By spending the extra money on quality servers result in a better web hosting experience for all iPage users. Less downtime, faster uploads, and more storage…what else could you want from a cheap web hosting provider!

So in the end, we really want to stress to you that not all iPage reviews are legit. Take your time, do your research, and make your decision on what you need! If that means iPage, great. Just remember to use our exclusive iPage coupon to save big money!

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iPage Control Panel

iPage Control Panel

iPage is one of the best web hosting providers around, which is why the iPage control panel is a great tool to get started building and managing your own website. The iPage control panel is a helpful tool that makes website construction and management easy to do. You don’t have to have any programming experience, or even experience building a website to use the super easy iPage control panel.  iPage is known for having some of the cheapest web hosting around as well as for having some of the best web hosting tools. Included in these web hosting tools is the most important: the iPage control panel. Not only can you build a quality website with iPage, but iPage also makes it easy to manage your own website easily and effectively using the best in web hosting technology with its control panel.  With prices starting at just $3.50 per month, new iPage customers can save a bundle on their web hosting costs using our iPage coupon code pricing.

iPage Control Panel Features:

When you start with the iPage control panel to create and manage your website, you can also get access to the marketplace option so you can add in new features if you wish. However, because iPage offers so many of its web hosting features for free with the initial signup, you likely won’t have to use too much of the marketplace options, unless you need to upgrade or expand. Fortunately iPage makes its control panel super easy to use and navigate unlike many other web hosting companies. You can start with the WordPress Content Management System to help you build and create your website. Use the easy one-click installer to get started. Fortunately iPage does offer tons of support tools and customer service, if you ever need help learning how to get started with your iPage web hosting account. You can use the iPage control panel to control your domains. This is especially helpful if you have multiple websites and multiple domains. You can switch back and forth between your sites using the iPage control panel.

In addition to the other features, the iPage install central tool and SImpleScripts allows you to manage and create your websites. These tools are accessed via the iPage control panel. It is so helpful to have access to every tool you will need and use to build and manage your own website using the iPage control panel. There are other marketing tools included in the iPage web hosting account that can be used as well to help promote your website and online business if necessary. Via the iPage control panel you can also manage your email features including the MailCentral option, webmail accounts, the mail tool settings, spam features with the spam filter, POP mail accounts and so much more.

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Fortunately iPage is one of the most reliable web hosting providers both in terms of uptime for your website as well as with its customer support. If you plan to build your own website using the iPage design tools, you are in luck because iPage has some of the best website design tools using the Drag and Drop Builder. You don’t have to be a professional website builder or programmer to build the website you’ve always wanted. You can simply access the iPage easy website builder via the iPage control panel and get started in no time. If you ever need any help learning how to use these tools, you can always give the quality iPage customer support team a call.

In addition to the iPage control panel features, customers all get to reap the benefits of iPage being an entirely green-powered web hosting company. Those savings, both economic and environmental, are passed on to each of the iPage web hosting customers. To learn more about iPage and all that this web hosting company has to offer, be sure and check out iPage online!

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